Meatshop and Snack Haus

“Home-Made Success”
Benedicto Cambel

snack_hausThe famed Tapsihan found in the heart of General Trias, Cavite, all started outwith a capital of not more than Five Thousand Pesos. How it all happened? As narrated by Benedicto Cambel himself, is a story he will always savor, so is the taste of his home-made recipe.

When he was a kid, he was already exposed in this kind of business because his family owns a small meat shop. In 2007, he opened his own meat shop with the help of his brother. Mrs. Cambel is a great cook herself, so the couple decided to put up another business. They used their first proceeds from Bangko Mabuhay to operate a space for Eatery in General Trias Public Market. The success of these two establishments did not stop the pair from opening another “Snack Haus” just outside the Public Market. Bangko Mabuhay was more than pleased to grant them additional financing seeing that they were nearly at the pinnacle of their success. General Trias is known for several Tapsihans, but they had the upper hand of course—the meat sold in their Tapsihan is their very own, marinated and processed by Mr. Cambel himself, fresh from their meat shop; both spouses are recognized as top meat dealer and processed food sellers in Cavite; all three stores are running seven days a week and the location isa market itself especially during Sundays where people just stop and eat for their appetizingly grilled Barbecue.

From a small capital to a better opportunity, the couple enjoys looking back andinto the future. Aside from their residential house, they purchased a 4-Door Apartment in San Juan, General Trias for additional profits, and they are planning to add one more to their name. They maintain a good relationship with the bank even up to now with their latest venture. The bank has granted them funding as a starting point to their daughter’scareer who’s opening a coffee shop in Baguio.